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health insurance benefits

What Is Health Insurance & Health Insurance Benefits

Today we talk about importance of health insurance. Friends, health insurance is very important for the safety of us and our family. If we do not take health insurance and sometimes suddenly fall ill, then in such a situation our whole family has to face many problems, and the savings that we earn throughout our life will end quickly. Is. That is why we should first take medical insurance policy for the safety of ourselves and our family.

In the midst of the corona pandemic, it is very important to have health insurance for us and our family. Because at this time there is a situation like lockdown in every country, most of the companies are firing their employees. And if in the meantime any of your family members or you get infected with corona, then the hospital bills will wipe out all your life’s earnings. In such a situation, we would advise you to take medical insurance policy for your family and yourself as soon as possible.

If you have health insurance, then the health insurance company bears all your expenses on getting admitted in the hospital. There are many different types of health insurance companies in the market that offer you various plans at different prices. But before you select any plan, you should know the correct information about that company completely.

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Some health insurance companies sell their insurance to you on the pretext of cheap plans, but when you are admitted in the hospital, you come to know that there is no health insurance benefits of that plan. Because some company in this way sells you health insurance with hidden term and condition. Therefore, before buying a plan anytime, you should find out about that company and its plan with full information term and condition.

Some important health insurance benefits

  • In this, if you are admitted in the hospital, then the health insurance company bears all the expenses.
  • You don’t have to incur any expenses from your side.
  • In this, the insurance company bears the expenses for a few months before and after you are admitted to the hospital.
  • The insurance company also pays the bills for your out-of-hospital expenses like medicines etc.
  • The company will also bear the cost of the ambulance to take you to and from your hospital.
  • It has all your cashless treatment.

Types Of Health Insurance

1. Individual Health Insurance Policy

This is an individual health insurance plan. In which only one person gets the health insurance benefits under this insurance. In this, you have to pay premium according to your age. In this, the company will bear all the expenses from your illness to medicines and reports. In this, you can take a plan under your savings, in which you can get good cover. Single plan costs you a bit in comparison to family plan. Some company gives you single health plan at very cheap premium but they have some term and condition so you should understand them well.

2. Family Health Insurance Policy

You can cover your entire family under family medical insurance policy. This includes your wife and children. Under this plan, you cannot include your parents in this plan. If any person is married to your children, then you can also remove that person from your plan and in this case your premium will also be less. In this insurance, the company will bear all the expenses of your family from accident to illness and medicines.

3. Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy

Through Senior Citizen Health Insurance, you can include those members in your family whose age the insurance company considers in senior citizens. Friends, after an age, there is some problem in the body of every human being, in such a situation, we may have to bear a lot of hospital expenses. If we already take a health insurance plan for our senior citizens, then in this way we can avoid these expensive expenses. In this, everything is covered from the operation of the insured person to the accident. You can get these all health insurance benefits in plans.

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